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Size Chart

Mentioned below is the size chart of our products. We improve our quality and tend to satisfy our customers every moment of the day that passes. However, we also require a little devotion and commitment in return. We emphasize on checking the size chart carefully and then choosing your respective size. We believe in being honest to our customers and our return policies and straight up to the mark. Therefore, our customers should properly visit the size chart and see what their size is and buy the product accordingly. These sizes are defined as per body shapes and structures and are standard.

Our size chart is authentic and it is not based on mere measurement but is based on proper research and authentication. Our experts spent quite a long time on preparing a perfect size chart that can fit every personality and glow with in. People who like to wear skinny leather jackets can look for small and medium sizes while people who like to wear grabby and chubby jackets according to their looks can go for different sized. However, our experts are also there to guide our customers as what their need can be.

We also offer our customers a customized size option, where the customers can choose their own size according to their needs and get it made. Sizes can vary from body to body according to the genetically designed structure. Therefore, we recommend that if you don’t find your size in the size chart, please get the size designed and made.